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Ronan's report

Sunday June 12th 2011

A while back there was a great thread on the board about everyone's best lost fish. I even did an FP on the theme. This subject is close to my heart because I'm currently in the middle of a run of losing big fish.

After a couple of very odd seasons when I pretty much landed every decent fish I hooked, I've now lost five or six in a row. I'm trying not to keep count in case that reinforces the negative mojo forces.

I've had a hook straighten, and a tippet pop, but most just drop the hook under medium pressure about five seconds after I hook them - usually just after they've somersaulted through the air in a series of spectacular leaps, just to make sure I'm under no illusion as to their hefty stature.

You've got to love brown trout for the way they jump. It's really clever how they manage to get your heart to bounce around in perfect unison. When a big fish puts in a really big leap I'd swear my heart hits my Adam's Apple.

I thought I'd cracked it on Thursday this week, when I actually landed a stonking grayling. Grayling rarely jump so my heart stayed pretty much where it should until the fish came over the rim of the net, when it suddenly expanded in length and depth - explaining the deep and powerful runs it had made when I hooked it.

Cracked it! That's the end of the negative mojo. Watch out brownies here I come.

An hour later and there's a thumping Slosh! at an olive Klinkhammer. The line goes tight and a beautiful brown trout takes my heart into the sky, spraying pearls at the sun as it bounces between water and air. Then it gets its head down and runs toward me. Gone.


Obviously grayling and trout attract differing mojos. I suspect this particular run may be turning in to a marathon.


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