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Ronan's report

Monday September 1st, 2008

OK I'd better start this week by telling you that Rich is not dead, wasn't run over by a cement mixer while holding the ladder, and that was just a little joke of mine. The real reason the 2008 Flyswap has been delayed is because he was salmon fishing. So those of you who wrote in to express remorse and asking where to send flowers, hang on to them, give them to your grandma; Rich still walks the Earth and it would take a hell of a lot more than a cement mixer to knock him off.

Next: we haven't sold as many lumilines last week as we should have. Everyone here reading SL should have bought one. If you haven't bought your access to better flycasting entertainment "learn to cast like the Dude" lumiline at Canadian kick-your-ass prices, then go to Go-Wyld and buy today. This is not a game.

While you have your wallet out, scroll down and check out our retail outlets. Not only are we selling in Canada, but also USA and Great Britain. In fact the Great Britain site, is really us. And we're excellent but don't take our word for it: buy something.

Need a Sexyloops hat? This is where to go. We not only have a range of hats but also cool and functional clothing.

OK on with the show...


So it's September. That means a bunch of things. This week I'll be in Canada for a month or so. I'm giving a flycasting course in Calgary this weekend. There are still a couple of slots available - email me for details. If you're stillwater fishing in the UK then this section is certainly worth reading - it was written a long time ago, a couple of years before SL, but it still applies.

Talking of SL and this month, we're approaching our birthdate. Pretty significant one coming up too. Here's a Vortex: Ten.

This week the Mighty Zoran's going to have a break for a while. Thanks Z-Man for the last two years - they've been absolutely fantastic, some of the funniest thought-provoking pages we've had. Thank you!

Finally, welcome back Bob!

Cheers dudes,

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