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Ronan's report

Monday October 25th, 2010

I'm changing things. This may come as a surprise to many, but others will have figured it out. I've been doing one thing for a long time now. I've been travelling for over 18 years, the longest I've spent in any one place has been six months, but mostly much less than this, and often only a day or two!

Travelling is fantastic. It's got its drawbacks, you're always broke for a start. You're free of course, but even travelling freedom has its limitations! When I was 21 I realised that I had to travel, like many others. Only my six month trip became an 18 year one. And it was exactly the right decision of course. Most people work for a living and then try to live when they retire. And while I can understand that, I think that would really suck for me. The time to travel is when you're young. You can do it with sod-all money and sleeping on a wet cold muddy ground is actually fun. And for an eduction in life, I can't think of any better.

Anyway, it's now time to do something different. And I'm going in head first, with abandonment and the same confidence in which I've travelled. This is not a time to reflect; it's a time to move forward. A new Sexyloops' dawn has arisen!

As you probably know my goal was to get on TV, and while Ronan and I managed this briefly for a reasonably exciting 22 minutes on Discovery Channel, we weren't been successful long term. While I was planning this assault (took a long time actually, over 20 years, at least twice as long as intended!), I was busy building a product brand and trademark. I know several people who became successful on TV who made virtually sod all from it! That wasn't going to happen to me. And while TV may yet still happen, through another track, it's a gamble: to have everything if I succeed and yet nothing if I fail. By and large TV is a fickle insular world and quite frankly a rather shallow one at that - but that won't come as a surprise to anyone!

So that was plan B. Now it's time for exciting plan A. I can't tell you what plan A is of course, because then I'd have to kill you. But I can tell you that it's complicated, involves a mystery and exciting woman, at least two sheep, some graphite, several marketing specialists, two socks (non-matching), a camouflaged tea-cosy and a condom... for flytying.

Have a great week all! Blog photos to follow.


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