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Ronan's report

Sunday October 23rd 2010

Do you know those fishing trips that usually end with the thought: "Why didn't I just stay home?". Well, I had one of those last Friday!

Thursday evening I said to Pauline that I'd be late home from work as it was the last day of the season in the river, and that I wanted to fish for a few hours just to close the season properly.

I arrived around 2pm at my chosen spot to find few other cars there, which is fine - there's space enough. I spoke to another flyfisherman for a while - only to find out that it wasn't the last day of the season. Hmmm, should I then drive straight back to the family and spend a nice, quiet afternoon with them, or fish for an hour or two now that I was there. I chose to fish a short run and then head back.

I got all the gear on - waders, hat, jacket, rig up the rod and when I turned to get my fishing vest out of the trunk, I realised that I'd forgotten it - and all my flies!!! Well, no worries - for 30 minutes of fishing I could probably find a fly lying around in the car. I have a small foam patch in the back of the car where I dry my flies, but no - for once, not a single fly was to be found anywhere in the car!

Alright - Lars' car was there (another Lars), and although he usually spin fishes, he often does so with tubeflies, so I headed up river to find him and scrounge a fly. Success - I found him and got a big, black tubefly. I said thanks and walked back down to my chosen run - only to find to newly arrived fishermen going through it!

Oh well - there's another nice run further downstream, so I walked down there (about one km) and I was alone and things were looking pretty damned perfect. On my third cast I hit the opposite bank and lost the flyÉ

That's when I thought: "I should have stayed home" :-)!

Have a great Saturday!


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