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Ronan's report

Wednesday 10th October, 2012

For many years it had been on my list to catch a nice striped bass and a false albacore. Early this year now I started to plan a trip to the east coast of the US to finally make it happen. Soon after starting with some research it was pretty clear to me: Montauk (the east end of Long Island next to New York) should be the perfect spot to start! I got in contact with some local fly fishermen and asked them about fishing on one's own directly off the beach vs. fishing with a guide from a boat. Most fishermen told me to find good possibilities to fish on my own around the light house of Montauk.

Since I have been working as a guide for many years myself now I know exactly how much experience it often needs to be in the right spot at the right time and then use the right tactic to make it all happen! So I went for a split decision: Starting with a guided trip for two days and then add some days fishing off the beach on my own.

In the middle of the year I realized the summer to be very warm and I therefore was told the striper may arrive late this year. So I immediately switched my trip from middle of September to the beginning of October. I arrived at the 1st of October in New York and then went down to Montauk at the 2nd. On the 3rd and 4th I had two days fishing with the local expert guide "Bryan Goulart". Bryan turned out to be not only a very gentle man who made it being two very nice days but was also able to put me in front of the fish all day long. We worked as a perfect team. I haven't counted the number of both false albacore and striped bass we caught. But it was plenty of them in good sizes during both days. I also could see tons of anglers fishing on their own off the beach and mostly not catching anything but being in some fights about their fishing spots. Since it was like one angler every 20 feet this was no surprise to me at all.

After these fantastic two days I decided to go back rather than starting my own battle along the beach for the next days. I was sure the trip could have gone only worse. So I decided to stop it directly at it's best! Simply I didn't want anything more and have caught all fish I was dreaming of. My thanks go to Bryan, who made it happen. Again it made me believe a good guide is ALWAYS worth the money, no matter what level your own fishing might be up to. And to me it's not fishing time that safes a trip but catching what I was there for!

I wish all of you great fishing trips and may your favorite fish strike always!


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