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Ronan's report

Saturday April 13th 2013

It's time to gear up! Winter has finally (and good riddance I say) let go of the country, and spring is here. Finally, the winds are turning to the west and south west, temperatures are rising and fishing has actually been pretty good the last few weeks. Some of the bigger lakes are still frozen over, bearing witness to how cold the winter actually was.

From February 4th we've had 66 consecutive nights with sub zero temperatures - not the warmest of winters :-).

Tomorrow the forecast promises southerly winds and 15 degrees C, and that means sea trout fishing! The strange thing with these long cold winters is that the real spring fishing bonanza, which after a normal winter can last a fortnight, sometimes lasts but a few days, and the fact is that the real bonanza days are probably over already.

But that's OK - tomorrow I go fishing with a good, old friend, we'll trot around in his boat all day and hopefully catch a few good ones.

That means the first real fishing trips with my Hot Torpedo Pro 6-wt. So far, I've only grass cast it, and I really look forward to trying it on water and maybe even catching a few trout on it. I'll report back with a proper review of the rod later on.

And then Tuesday, our salmon rivers open. Opening Day is much anticipated of course, and I quite anxious to see if the long, cold winter has kept the kelts from exiting the river. Sometimes, opening day and the following week sees lots of kelt caught. So I'm breaking out the heavy artillery - the 12' and 13' double hand dildos and the fast sinking shooting heads. Friday coming home from work, I checked in on the river and was quite surprised to see that water levels are VERY low - as low a mid summer actually.

That means that the sink rate 5/6 and 6/7 shooting heads I would normally deploy on opening day are too heavy, so right now, I'm thinking a sink rate 3/4, maybe and 1/2 and my of course the lovely Rio Scandi Short VersiTip shooting head system.

It also means that I'm replenishing the flybox with small and medium sized tube flies. My trusty Black & Silver Variant, the Mighty Micky Finn tube fly version and a new, lovely, brown creation that I copied from my friend Klaus Frimor, who runs The Clearwater Steelhead Syndicate and develops rods and lines for Guideline as well as he guides on Iceland.

Brown is a nice, overall color on salmon flies in low, clear water with a slight brownish tinge.

Have a nice weekend - I know I will :-)!


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