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Ronan's report

Friday 2nd August, 2013

It appears that Irhamy's midlife crisis is rubbing off on Mr T, who is now having one of his own. Actually I don't believe in mid-life crises, I think you can change your life at any point you want. Who said that you have to do the same thing for the rest of your life? Life is about trying new experiences, not getting into a rut.

However Ti is actually in a very similar position in his life as I am in mine. He's the same age more or less - I can't remember if I'm a couple of years more mature and wiser, or if Ti's just a couple of years older and uglier - and like me, James Bond and God, he's a bachelor.

Being a bachelor in your early forties, when you are just coming into your prime, is a very exciting time I have to say. And I believe I'm right in saying this about all forty-year old bachelors, who are just coming into their prime, that all they really want to do is shag 25-year old women.

Something changes in life however; you can be good looking, charming, interesting, sexy, but if you are poor by the time you are 45, then no woman wants to fuck you because you're a loser. I'm not saying that is right; I didn't invent the world or the women in it, I'm just saying how it is.

And because Ti wants to continue enjoying the company of women, he is in a dilemma. Does he continue making the three or four or five annual fishing trips while working hard in order that he can still shag beautiful 25-year old women, or does he quit his job, become a fishing bum and watch his dick fall off?


Ronan's Report

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