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Ronan's report

Tuesday December 4th, 2007

This is more a DVD review than a normal FP but it comes with a suggestion, a fishing tip and a health warning.

The target

So, you have a slightly weird looking dry-fly and want to check the tying, make sure it can stand up to a few trout teeth, can get whacked against a rock and won't look too much like something Paul might tie. (As a general rule, you don't want a fly to look like something Paul might tie at any time in its life.)

So, the ultimate test of trout-fly durability and dry fly float? What to do - hmm….
Lend one to Bob? Nah, he only uses three flies.
Lend one to Magnus? Nah, he'd just lose it in a bush.
Lend one to Paul? Nah, he'd just lose it in a bush a long way away.

How about placing a dry fly in a glass of water and prodding it until it sinks? Yeah well, but they're made of foam so that's not really gonna challenge them.

What would Rich do? How about floating a couple on water and shoot them with a 12-bore shorgun. Yeah - lets try that!

For this experiment, you need one puddle, a few dry flies and a shotgun. Float the flies on the puddle, stand back (that's the health warning) and shoot.

It seems like only the tough (dry-flies) survive in New Zealand.


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