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Ronan's report

Sunday April 13th, 2008

I went to a meeting of a local fly fishing club last week. There was another fly fishing event on that night in town and I expect a lot of the younger guys went to that. So although it was a good turnout I noticed that most of the guys there were getting pretty grey on top. And some of them didn't have much left on top either. But we had a real good discussion going about trout flies and what we think we're doing with them.

The great thing about getting together with a bunch with that much experience is that you cut to the chase pretty quick. Come up with something ridiculous and it gets dealt with pretty quick. Most of these guys are good flyfishers. A few, like Mike Weddell, are what you can fairly call legendary. Mike stands out from the pack a fair way when it comes to fly casting and catching trout - I've heard him called a ' fishing machine' more than a few times, and always with a tone of something approaching awe. He's put in the hard yards on these waters and most of the young guns could do with getting into a chat with him.

Anyway, we ran through some ideas about late season hatches and fishing emergers. There were some points where ideas coincided and others where there was some divergence. I certainly came away with something to think about. For one thing; colour. Why is blue sometimes a specific trigger? I mean, what's that all about?

And why are trout wising up to gold bead heads, or are they? If they are, why do flashy flies still work so well? And why do guys who won't use a gold bead still use flashy flies? Can a population of trout actually see too much of a thing like that? I've got my own ideas about all that stuff, but I keep an open mind. On the other hand, a lot of it is just bullshit. But, hey, bullshit makes the world go round, right?


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