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Ronan's report

Wednesday 17th August, 2011

I've had some rather disappointing encounters with some of my heros. I use the word "hero" very carefully nowadays...

I wont name names incase he reads this (unlikely) so lets call him ttaM. About a year ago while at a tackle show I watch him give a passable casting demo and talk about the new rods he was hocking. As the show was winding down for the day I went in and watched a few fly tying demos, there's some amazing talent out there! On the way out I took some time checking out the rod stands taking an interest in the different grips, guides and reel seats. As I got to ttaM's stall he was looking bored so I thought I would introduce myself. He was straight into the hard sell and when I didn't bite he soon lost interest in the conversation. Making toilet based excuses to leave, we parted with him saying "if I don't go now there's gonna be a mess in my trousers"

His TV shows will never be the same...

Another time I was fishing a well known trout fishery that was owned by one of my all time Rock heros. Rodger Daltrey built the lakes at the bottom of his "garden" back in the 80's and they have matured into very well kept, pretty little fishery. While fishing the dam wall one afternoon I looked up from a retrieve to see Rodger walking down the bank towards me with his wife, an old beaten straw hat and a .22 rimfire cradled in his arms. I made a nervous (trying my best not to scream "Who the fk are you!") jest about the fishing but it was returned with a right funny look...

I put it down to "Hat envy" from my rather smart black felt Stetson I used to "doff" at him.


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