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Ronan's report

Thursday 3rd December, 2009

I think Monday was the last nice day of the season. Of course I got out to the river, but over the 20km stretch that I drove, the rivers were either too cold or too windy to fish. I don't know about you, but +4 degree temperatures and a 90km/hr wind make for a miserable day on the water.

On my previous excursion, the weather was perfect... +9 degrees and not a breath of wind is very rare in November. I was very excited, finished my work in record time and headed down to one of my favourite spots to spend an afternoon. When I got out of the truck I started to get a bad feeling in my gut. Now with the waders on, the feeling was still there... I looked in the back and sure enough... NO RODS!! I had left my fly fishing rods in the trunk of the car I drove in the morning. What a miserable feeling... I had never left a rod behind.

I had planned to make up for that missed opportunity this last time I went out. Unfortunately with the wind and the temperature, I didn't think I would enjoy the experience, so I called it a day early. I like to think that I didn't pass up a good chance, but I'm having doubts. The wind varied anywhere from 20 km/hr up to 90 km/hr (according to the warnings), but I think I could have kept a fly in the water. Getting it to the water may have been an issue.

So on those really miserable days, would you still fish?
What are your limits?

On another note my flies from the 2009 Sexyloops Fly Swap finally arrived in the mail on Monday! A year and a month after the swap started, but less than a year from when I sent them in... not a bad swap. The flies all look excellent! If you have some time this year, there is another swap started.

Hoping that there are some good fishing days this winter….

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