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Ronan's report

Sunday 24th March, 2013

So, first day at the rather snowy and cold Danish Fly Festival. There was ice on the saltwater casting ponds, but this didn't hinder the Hot Torpedo, which is capable of blasting loops through walls, streamside foliage, sheep and of course ice. That's why we made it.

Akos has been administering the spartan Sexyloops stand all day, with random visits by Sexyloopers, Djordje, Viking Lars, two Sheepgirls and some confused Danish people. While I have been blasting holes through the ice, giving impromptu flycasting lessons and allowing a few lucky people to test drive the hottest thing to hit flyfishing since I first put on a pair of underpants.

I also gave a flycasting demonstration to the hardest audience in the world. It's not that they weren't interested, it's just that I didn't know if they were or weren't, until I'd finished. And even now I'm not 100% sure! I threw tennis balls at them, coiled flylines and a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo. There were a couple of girls I considered throwing my underpants to, but I wasn't wearing any.

What a great Saturday!



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