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Ronan's report

Thursday September 2nd, 2010

Here in Hungary evening temps have plummeted to around 10 degrees. Daytime highs are much lower too, at around 20 degrees. The mornings are crisp. This means two things for me, the first is that the best fishing of the year is about to happen, and the second is that I have to find a couple of grand quite quickly because New Zealand is only two months away.

Over the weekend I hosted a MCI workshop weekend and of course it rained. It appears to be becoming a tradition here in Hungary that any time there is a workshop or certification weekend that it rains, even if it hasn't rained for two months, and it's not just normal rain, it's driving rain that doesn't stop. Most of the guys wore their waders, which was very sensible (although a bit soft).

The Board's been a bit quiet recently, so it's time to turn lunkers into posters! Please join up and fast-track your membership be either emailing or - I look forward to meeting you there!

Right I'm off to the Balaton for some Asp Mayhem.

Cheers, Paul

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