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Ronan's report

Saturday July 18th, 2014

Paul is currently at the CLA and without internet service - apparently that doesn't come with all SIM-cards these days. Here's a message from him that I received on WhatsApp:>

"I'm at the CLA following a mad drive from Hungary (nooo, Paul, mad drive - you...? You're joking :-). I arrived with the electric storm and I think I may be responsible for it."

Anyway, if you need to get in touch with Paul, I don't think he has a SIM-card up and running at the moment, so just email him. I think there's a real chance that he might reply before 2014 turns 2015 :-).

If you happen to near the CLA Gamefair (it's at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire), and want to try one of the Hot Torpedo fly rods, get a hold of Paul - he has rods to sell :-).

I'm not sure status is on the competition at CLA, but there was some talk onThe Board regarding the cancellation of the spey- and saltwater competitions. I hope they're on, but I don't know.

Have you joined our Facebook page? We're currently (Friday evening) at 2.916 likes - no. 3000 will receive a small prize. All you have to do is:

1. Like the page as no. 3000 (see, we're really clever devising these competitions).

2. Make a post on our wall that you're no. 3000, and we'll send you a small, but nice prize.

Have a great weekend!


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