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Ronan's report

Saturday February 19th 2011

After a few weeks of positive temperatures and an almost springlike feeling in the air, someone all of a sudden dropped 10 inches of snow over the western part of the country and turned down the temperature to below 0 and threw in some strong, easterly (=COLD) winds for good measure. And there I was just warming up (HA) to the first saltwater fishing trip of 2011.

The long term forecast even says that there's a good chance (should I say risc?) that the situation will remain the same for another 3-4 weeksÉ..

Then what? Well, I've seen Jan Bach Kristensen's and Daniel Gšz' new tarpon-movie, Tapam. It's really good and if you haven't seen it, just get a copy. I'¾¾ post a proper review soon!

I have spent, and am spending, quite a lot of time on The FFF Euro Conclave 2011. If you're interested in the highest quality of casting instruction on the planet, spending time with a bunch of casting nerds, visiting the Danish FlyFestival and having a generally good time, the consider booking a flight to Denmark on the weekend of March 26th and 27th.

Don't forget to keep an eye on The Euro Conclave. I believe the list of workshops is finished. Book online to secure a spot - it's also possible to gin up at the Conclave, but it's first ordered, firs served! More info on the Danish FlyFestival can be found here - one of Europe's largest and oldest flyfishing shows.


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