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Ronan's report

Tuesday 1st July, 2008

Now that would be great! A whole day dedicated to flycasting and socks. Absolutely no affiliation with any race, color, creed, or merchandising groups. Nobody could possibly take offence (unless there's an anti-sock group somewhere that I'm not aware of in which case we'll just leave out socks and go with the flycasting thing) with the concept. No silly Latin names because, as far as I know, there is no direct translation for Sexyloops (or even sexy or loops as far as I can tell)!

I can picture it now. Putting the kids to bed to a recitation of, “It was the night before Loopfest”.

It was the night before Loopfest
and all through the house
not a Looper was stirring,
Not even Magnouse (sorry Magnus :)

The Loopers were snug in their ...


... "Who's there?"


"Paul? Paul who?"

"Waddya mean Paul who? Paul yer head outta yer ass - it's time to party! I got videos, and I got flylines, and I got palinka, and I got..."

"WTF? You're two weeks early!"

"Well I'm not Santa Claus. I can't be everywhere at once, not in a single night."

"But the river's in runoff..."

"Oh, is that all? I can fix that, or the production crew can at least, for one whole day you'll have perfect fishing conditions. Oh, and the stone flies are hatching."

"But I thought you couldn't do that kind of stuff..."

"No - I said I'm not Santa Claus so I can't be everywhere at once. The fat guy in the red suit already has that trademarked. The rest of the stuff is okay. Besides this way I get to tell you I have a production crew. So where do you want to start? Casting or palinka?"

Yep - a day all can enjoy, hopefully there won't be any riots over who has the longest cast!

Charlie the Tuna

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