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Ronan's report

Wednesday October 25th, 2006
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Fly casting has frequently been compared to golf. The basic key in a good fly-caster's technique lies in the consistency of his casting stroke. That means being capable of cloning our casting stroke systematically. We must give the impression of having entered a hypnotic trance in which all our limbs, movements and facial expression seem to respond to a perfect and repetitive program planning which is beautiful as well as boring.
In golf the swing is like the casting stroke and a good player must be able to repeat his a thousand times, in an automatic and unconscious manner.

I have found another similarity between these two disciplines. It is about the use of tees when it comes to training. They serve as simple and permanent distance markers when you often train in the same place (it has to be on grass) and you don't dare to leave your traffic cones or the little flags overnight since they're too attractive. You only have to measure the distance the first day. Nail the tees all the way down into the ground and leave them there forever. Some of the advantages of the use of tees as distance markers are:

- They completely go unnoticed to everybody, even for lawn-mowers.
- Only you know where they are. At the beginning of each training session you look for them in the grass and place your rod sock or tube as a clearer visual indicator. They're just visible if you know what to look for.
- They come in different colors. You can use a different color for each distance you wish to mark.
- You don't need to carry a tape measure or waste time measuring before each practice session.
- They fit into your pocket.
- They are perdurable, imperishable and undestroyable.
- They are very cheap and come in bags of 50. If you lose one (or 45), that's fine.

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