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Ronan's report

Saturday December 2nd, 2006

Made it up to the farm belt of Idaho last week for the big annual family turkey feast. Good times as always and always a nice time going somewhere where there are more outdoor than indoor people. I made the bootleg run bringing up the hooch from sinful Nevada to the land of closing times and state liqueur stores. An accident would have ended up in movie-style explosion, but luckily all ended free from mishap except witnessing a guy sing a karaoke to "Like a Virgin" at the Longhorn Bar in Kuna Idaho that's left a permanent mental scar.

I certainly saw some fish up there. A new big box hunting and fishing store had openned up this year, a store with attractions like one of their fabled aquariums. I was curious as another one of these stores is scheduled for my town next year with tax breaks and other encouragement much to the protests of the local fly shop. My pop and I stopped in to see it.

Making our way through the camo lingerie (yes really) and hearing a woman say "I need some of this so my husband can't find me in bed", we wandering toward the aquariums. A broad sign with beautifully painted depictions of various trout and bass stood tantilizingly near the dimmed corridor. Within, were 2 large tanks stocked to the top with some of the most grotesquely captive fish I've ever seen. Large fat pellet-fed bloated-looking trout with mangled fins, nipped tails and flaking scales hung limply in the water. An attendant came by and wiped away the smudges to ensure we all got a clear view. Nothing sleek, fast, strong, or beautiful; nothing I'd ever want to catch. Not a cross-section of a stream with rocks, holds, gurgling water, and a few trout hidden within. Lame.

At least the real thing isn't too far away, or is it?


P.S. FREE WILLIE! I heard on the radio that Willie Nelson got busted again, possibly swat style. I haven't found this online anywhere, but it doesn't matter as they're always busting him. Uncle Sam! Get over the tax thing and quit fucking with Willie! He's just a good dude driving around the country in a bio-diesel bus playing tunes on a beat-up guitar. While you're at it, lay off Paul too.

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