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Ronan's report

November 11th, 2006 but Saturday this time

Up in the sparce high forest there are old wind-hammered twisted trees, bristle cone pines, Great Basin Bristle Cone Pines, Pinus longaeva. Sometimes you get so tripped out on one part of their wierd trunks or outreaching appendages, that you kind of miss... well everything else.

This sort of happened to me with fly tying recently and while insects or just ties can be pretty fascinating and beautiful on their own, it doesn't always lend to successful fishing. Tying from a macro picture frozen and enlarged on the computer monitor or a lifeless sample suspended in the clear liquid of a tiny glass bottle seems to have led me astray a little bit. I got focussed on the features and lost the giz of the whole thing.

Giz/gis/jizz is a birder term meaning the whole overall impression of a creature from its appearance to its movements to everything about it. Grey Duster (who dropped this term on the board this week), Bob and Carl, broke me from my fixation on features this week with a subtle reminder not to forget these things live and move and part of thier giz is where and how they are in nature, that a "slight impression" in the right context may be all a trout needs. Definitely something to think about while over the vice.


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