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Ronan's report

Wednesday 2nd January, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

A lazy January 1st for me here in Oregon. Late breakfast, a great hockey game on TV, and some time to look back on '07 and forward to '08.

When the winter weather has the rivers out of shape, as many of them are right now, I find my angling fix by tying flies or reading a book on fly fishing. We're truly blessed as fly anglers to have such a rich tradition of both literary and technical writing about our favorite recreational pursuit. The fact is that many of the best books blend literary art and technical brilliance to create a classic piece.

I know that many Sexyloops regulars feel the same way I do about angling literature. So for all of those out there who love to pick up a book and let it take you away, here is a little help with your list of New Year's resolutions. Eight books to put on your must read list for 2008. I can't say enough about any one of these classics, so I'm not even going to try. I'll leave you the pleasure of finding out what they are all about when you read them.

So, in no particular order, 8 for you in 2008.

A River Never Sleeps from Roderick Haig Brown

Caddisflies from Gary LaFontaine

The River Why from David James Duncan

The Soft Hackled Fly from Slyvester Nemes

Greased Line Fishing for Salmon [and Steelhead] from A.H.E. Wood via Jock Scott

Steelhead Fly Fishing from Trey Combs

Bonefishing! from Randall Kauffman

Western Fly Fishing Strategies from Craig Mathews

Happy Reading.


PS - A bonus book for you tree (and fish) huggers. King of Fish from David Montgomery

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