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Ronan's report

Thursday July 27th, 2006

We're at the Conclave in Bozeman, Montana and just about to head off fishing, apart from the fact that Lars has just emailed that he's having problems connecting, so it's up to us (Carl, Rich, Tonio, Jim and I) to save the day - although we are waiting for Eric to arrive, so hopefully that will happen in time...

Note to Eric: if you don't arrive in time we're off to fish the Galliton and later tonight Hebgen Lake down the end of Denny Creek Rd - 7.3miles turn right, look out for us; we'll be there from around 7 I guess. Otherwise we'll meet here later tonight!

The other news is that Tonio has booked into a backpackers, since he lost at paper, rock, scissors and ended up sleeping under the truck last night.

Sorry - really behind on emails but hoping to catch up fast. Have a great day!


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