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Ronan's report

Tuesday, 20th October, 2009

A short FP today, because I'm on the run and got in trouble again for not filling out the paperwork properly. Really, if I write the date once and put a slash through the other date boxes can't the idiot manager figure out it was only one day? I'm going to start charging overtime for filling out the date four times for an hour drive. Sorry, back to the FP:

What does it mean to go fishing? Is it just about fish?

I hate to plan and one of the reasons I love fishing is that it is an excuse to do what I want. Some days I will get to the river and sit on the bank without taking my rod from the car. Most times I will gear up, and then fish for a while before stopping and spending an hour looking at bugs. Some trips I'll change my destination half way there and go to a completely different spot. It drives some of my fishing partners nuts, but I'm not into fishing for strict rules.

Although I don't often fish in a place without fish, I don't need the fish, everytime I go out. Fishing to me is the act of exploration and discovery associated with going to the water. Catching fish is an added bonus.

Take away the fish for me and I still enjoy the day out. Take away the fishing and I'll have to start drugs to fill the addiction.


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