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Ronan's report

Thursday 23th October, 2014

This FP is coming from KL airport, in transit to Brisbane! You may have missed Monday's FP which also came from Malaysia, and that's because I didn't make it live until very late in the day: Sun, Sea and Sails.

So yes, off to sunny Australia escaping the winter again. I have just over five weeks to fish Australia. I'm heading up to Cape York first to go on a quite amazing fishing trip with Nomad Sportfishing. The idea was to be giving some casting tips to a chap from the States during slack-fishing periods. But it seems he won't be there which is a disaster but I'll look for a way of hooking up together next year.

I think I've managed to get a good friend to take his position at the last minute - Tim Kempton, who I've fished with in Malaysia as well as Bosnia. But I won't know until touching down in KL.

I'm not massively prepared for this trip. I have the HT8 which is a hell of a rod, but I also have the HT10 Prototype which is going to be a lot of fun. This is a rod that casts very sweetly - and has the Hot Torpedo feel of course. What I'm curious about is how it fights big fish in the butt section - and so I am going to find out!

After this trip I think I'll be Australian Bass fishing and whatever else I can find. There are so many friends to visit and not very much time! I hope to get out West before the end of the month too - we'll see.

After the Australian trip I'm heading back to Malaysia and will buy a boat, which I will sleep on for the next four months. I really have a burning desire to camp on a boat in Snakehead territory. I've been dreaming about these fish since last time... My "plan" is to fish for them 3-4 months/year for the next 10-15.

Cheers, Paul

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