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Ronan's report

Monday 10th December, 2012

It's taken over eighteen months, but it's certainly not my first attempt. Third time lucky as it happens. I tried it first with David Norwich ten years ago and then later with Sage, but neither of those efforts resulted in the rod we have now. A rod that is not only what I believe the finest 6-weight available, but also unique; a step above the rest, with the best tip damping of any blank, with the finest finish anywhere, and a rod that is quintessentially Sexyloops... The Hot Torpedo.

For a while I was going to call it the Hot Torpedo. And then I wasn't. But now I am. After all, I'm not going to give it letters am I? Rod names are boring. Who wants a boring rod? Not I! Give me something we can launch... Anyway, I digress...

We've built a new shopping cart which is now live; I've sent the link out to those who have back-ordered. Many have cast the production prototype over the last six months, consequently wish to buy and out of courtesy they've been mailed the link first. We will go fully live later this week.

Our white INSTRUCTOR rods should be available for shipping next week. We have more INSTRUCTOR back-orders than anything else. So these may take a few weeks to appear in the cart. If you are after one of these then please email Akos who can assist you. If you're a professional bona-fide instructor then please let him know.

I have to say, this is all very exciting. It's taken an extremely long time to make it happen. It was slowed originally because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the blank. That slowed things by about 15 months! It was then slowed by Alejandro who is a perfectionist when it comes to production. The last three months has been slowed by Akos, who is a perfectionist when it comes to colours and the finish. Three perfectionists? Bloody hell, its a wonder we have a rod at all!

This is the our acorn, our flagship and our missile: The Hot Torpedo!

I'm supposed to be Huchen fishing this week. This may happen yet, but I spent a while digging my 4x4 out of a snowdrift this morning! And three hundred miles of snowdrifts has a surprisingly singular lack of appeal for me at the moment. Even if there is a flycasting lesson at the end of it!

But for once I am up-to-date with my emails, so there is a silver lining!


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