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Ronan's report

Sunday April 24th 2011

My fly tying table is now invisible beneath a pile of deer hair clippings. In fact you can't see the carpet either. My clothes are covered in clippings too; it's up my nose and in my hair. I seem to have developed a permanent static charge that means the harder I try to get rid of the stuff the more I attract it. If I keep really still I can do a reasonable impersonation of road-kill.

It's all Eric's fault.

Eric posted some fantastic Turk's Tarantula variants on his FB page, and I was inspired to try some myself. I use a lot of deer hair in my pike flies so I was pretty confident that I could whip up a few TT's in no time.

I tied a few. They looked OK. But not like Eric's.


I tied a few more. Back on Facebook. Bugger.

Big DH heads on 4/0 pike hooks are one thing, but nicely shaped heads with the legs in the right place, on a #10 or #12 TMC 200R are very definitely another.

OK. Deep breath. I googled Turks Tarantula and watched Davie McPhail tie one on You Tube. Davie is a superb tyer, and has put loads of his ties up on-line. He deserves wider recognition and a massive thanks from all of us for making such a useful resource available free of charge. What a star.

So, I now have a whole row of "serviceable" TT's in the fly box, and a grand total of four specimens that look something like the ones in Eric's picture.

Funny thing is, I have no idea when or where I'm going to use them!

However, what I do have is:
- A better understanding of tying small-ish spun DH heads with rubber legs.
- A greater respect for Eric's fly tying skills, and Davie McPhail's generosity.
- A deer hair coating on everything I own, helping to keep me warm when this spookily nice spring weather disappears.

Thanks Eric!


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