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Ronan's report

Saturday 6th December, 2008

December is upon us. For all of us on the Northern hemisphere, that means winter, snow, cold and very little fishing. Here in Denmark, we're OK, because we rarely get loads of snow, and temperatures above zero means that we can fish - for seatrout, pike and even trout and grayling on a few streams. Not like our brothers up north :-).

December also means X-mas, and X-mas means X-mas presents - it seems at least 42 of us will be getting a special one this year! Regarding X-mas presents, I have wondered for years why the h... I can't get my wife and my family to get me tackle. Every year they say, "Come on, you must want something other than a new flyline, a new sparespool and 50 odd booktitles". I say, "Nooo, not really - it's quite simple - just get me that line and that book on military, monastic orders and I'll be glad".

What is it with women - why the h... is it they think that I need 3 new t-shirts and a pair of pants more than books and fishing tackle - I just don't get it :-). I buy all sorts of good stuff they want or have on their list - why can't I get tackle.....?

So to all of you, just point your spouses to the FP today, and lert them know that we all really want tackle and that we're not just saying it!


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