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Ronan's report

Monday January 14th, 2008

Tommy No Fish pulled up this snag today, and though he's a little shy and wouldn't pose for the classic grip and grin, it was certainly a trophy.

So what's so special about pulling up a stick, other than it's amazing length (I know, pretty poorly conditioned)? Pulling up a stick out of this lake, surrounded by 50 miles of sand and sagebrush, where trees are so scarce that when they pop up beaches like "Lone Tree" are named after them, is a very rare catch. Just like that odd side catch, a stick where there aren't any gets special attention. This stick may have gone on an epic journey floating 100 miles downstream before it sunk and waited for us to find it... or it could have been firewood.

More of a prize were the stick's passengers. It was covered in pale scuds. 15 minutes after the stick was released, Tom nailed a slow cruiser on a scud.

Also covering the stick were what looked like dark olive scales. All over the surface they clung and burrowed into crevices. These turned out to be some kind of aquatic beetle or bug about the size of a fingernail. We thought they may have been small dragonfly nymphs, but they don't look it to me when comparing with an old pic. Also none of that squirting movement. They just dove slowly back down to the bottom. The thin back edge of them lit irridescent orange as they went down.

I fish foam beetles a lot on the lake, but always figured they were dragonfly nymphs. Little did I know, I'd been keying in on these suckers for the last couple years. Time to find some olive foam.

Looking forward to my next snag, as long as it's not another damned piece of fly eating tufa.


p.s. If anyone can identify the beetle, shoot me an email or make a post. I'd like to dig up some more info on them. If they're just undeveloped dragonfly nymphs, I'll be surprised, but won't make any bets involving fly rods or kegs of beer.

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