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Ronan's report

Thursday November 2nd, 2006

Winter chose to arrive overnight yesterday. Although this means that fishing will slow down, for me it usually means an increase in other activities.

I'm lucky enough to have a standing invitation to tie flies at a friend's place every Tuesday. That's highly recommendable. It's nice to meet up with friends, maybe make a new one and usually we even get a lot of flies tied and taste different brands of beer :-).

Together with a local fishing-club, I have rented a sports hall over 10 weekends over the next 2½ months and that means I get to practice a lot indoors as well as teach several classes.

November is a good time to go through all the lines, reels and rods you won't be using over winter. Clean the lines, cut off old leaders, clean the rods, lubricate the reels.

Night frost has crept in over the country and the water temperatures are dropping fast, slowing the fish considerably. That means we'll be concentrating our efforts in the fjords and brackish water of Southern Denmark. After the first frost nights, you can sometimes have magnificent days for both pike and seatrout.


PS - Have you seen that Sage have updated their website for 2007?

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