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Ronan's report

Friday March 28th, 2008

Yes, it might looks as a simple question, but it isn't.

Ok, what is this all about? To catch a fish, or to catch a fish using Fly Fishing tackle and Flyfishing limited methods? Let's assume we know what FF tackle CAN BE: rod, line, leader ,tippet and fly.

  • FF rod is say +- 9 foot in length, with AFTMA weight (size) on it, meaning this is FF rod.
  • Line is that plastic rope with different tapers, densities, floatability and colors, sized by AFTMA number as well, and should be matched to the rod size.
  • Leader is monofilament or braided, tapered or not, in the length of 9 foot plus /minus.
  • Tippet is that tiny monofilament or fluorocarbon, very expensive thing btw.
  • Fly is artificial bunch of mess tied carefully around hook, imitating natural insects or fish food, using feathers, seals fur and many others materials, size from say #1 to # 36, sometimes weighted with lead wire or bead head, sometimes not.

Now, let's assume we know what is Flyfishing limited method of catching a fish and say this is: presenting a fly to the fish using FF tackle (see above ), in natural way (as really insect behavior) on the water, in a hope fish will take our fly. So, how do we present fly to the fish?

We present it using rod as a flexible lever, using weight of the line to load/unload a rod which allows line to fly through the air (air casting and mending), bringing leader, tippet and fly to the desired spot in the water. Basically we must do the back and forward-delivery cast and keep the rod, line, leader and tippet with fly on the end under tension, that's how the things works in Fly Casting.

Once line and leader and so on is on the water, we are using "water mending" to present our fly in different ways on or in the water, fallowing water current, managing our line and leader in a way to maintain natural behavior of our bait, i.e. artificial fly.

If we assume everything above is correct, and this is about proper FF and FC, then we will find a lots of situations on the water, where we can do nothing with our FF tackle and or FC, because those are limited. Per example, fast current, broken water, deep water, but the fish is on the bottom. What we gonna do with our limited FF tackle and methods?

We will do nothing.

Because, if we do something and catch a fish - this will not be a Fly Fishing, that will be only simple, coarse Fishing. 5 m in length coarse rod, 25 gr. jig hook with worm, cheese, salami, sausage or artificial fly called nymph doesn't matter, all that with tiny, but strong monofilament for better sinking - not a big deal. In one or two days we can catch all of fish laying on the bottom.

We can use fly fishing rod for that, we can use monofilament with fly fishing rod, but we must use heavy hook or lead, and we will not use any Fly Casting (some people call that Chez Nymphing and they put it in category of Fly Fishing, because they use FF rods, FF caps, FF flies, glasses, waist coats and FF waders, probably.)

So, how to help to Kiki, and still stay in FF area, using limited FF tackle and methods in this heavy situation. Go here and give him an advice (but no plastic explosives and coarse chez nymphing with worms please ,this is Fly Fishing Site): Extreme nymphing.


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