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Ronan's report

Sunday February 11th, 2007

The great thing about flyfishing is the amount of bollocks you get to talk and believe in, and still catch fish. Take last week's Front Pages, for instance. Paul thinks we're actually arguing with each other about fly design. It's like waistcoats, or vests. I mean, who cares, right? Well, we are arguing, kind of, I guess, but not really. It's just that he ties flies on the same principle as I do but believes he doesn't. Says the trout think the Royal Wulff is a supernatural representation of a beetle, or something. Well, that's bollocks. Not that the trout don't often respond to it with enthusiasm, but they don't 'think' anything of the kind.

The Royal Fuckup is a great looking fly, to me. Definitely an improvement on the Wulff, which I won't use either. Not because I think it's not realistic enough or anything, but because there are better flies. What's all that hackle all about, for one thing. If you look at what a bug looks like on the surface, from underneath, especially an emerging bug, or a bug that's struggling or one that's been crippled FU in some way, it's clear that a scruffy fly is a much better deal than a formulaic 'fly tier's' fly.

Personally, I have this hunch that less is defintitely more when it comes to trout flies. Not less material (although that can be important too) so much as less 'fly tying' bollocks. Old Oliver Kite said that it was like drawing a cartoon - you just give them a simple caricature rather than a 'realistic'; oil painting. Let them fill in the blanks. This is where Urinal Cake Theory comes in. Everything else is bollocks.


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