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Ronan's report

Monday 1st October, 2012

I'm back in Hungary now - phew been a crazy month, but apart from the AAPGAI AGM weekend which will see me in Wales, I think I'm free to fish and work on Latohegy. Latohegy seems to be one of these projects that goes on and on and on. But I'm optimistic that by the end of the month the first phase will be complete. There are one or two weeks of chainsawing ahead of me (it's that time of year again), 180 Furmint vines to plant along with their support posts, wires and all that shit, a rock wall to build and a second cellar door to hang (for security). But after that and the electricity that will be installed... it's complete!!

Next year I have another project of course, and that is to build the surrounding three lakes. One for casting and two for fish. And then maybe I'll spend the next ten years of my life building a castle... no, this will not happen! But the lakes will, even if I have to dig the wells by hand.

Next year I limit myself to six fairs and I won't be running around again like a blue-arsed fly, ever. If you want me to attend a fair or workshop weekend next year, then now is the time to let me know and start bidding. I'm not into forward planning as you know, but in this case it's important that you get in early because come Jan 1st no more bookings for the rest of the year!

Right, the Knut Syrstad Acution is still running. RIO has just sent me a whole bunch of flylines for auction, so get in and start bidding! This auction is still well and truly open, so let's keep making it happen. Knut needs this treatment and all the help we can give, so let's do it.

Finally: do you have the balls? When you are put to the test, are you going to stand up for yourself and what's right, or are you going to mince away in a corner and hope no-one notices you? What if you have put yourself forward to represent others? Would that then motivate you to take action, or would you still hide and pray that those you represent don't notice you?

CBOG, get your asses out of that corner: stand up and be counted! We wont wait forever; now is the time you absolutely must shine and vindicate your positions. If you procrastinate or hesitate any longer then you will lose. Personally I've given up on you; so prove me wrong!

Have an awesome week everyone.


Ooh ooh ooh, Snapcast imminent and new SLTV series in production! It's all happening!

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