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Ronan's report

Monday 4th July, 2011

Well that's it for one hemisphere and now it's back to another. The Great Cycling Adventure of Australia is put on hold for a while, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to jumping back on the bike again. But now it's time to work and fish the UK and Europe.

Shortly I'll be announcing the dates for the Hungarian meet in September - as well as the Sexyloops gathering in NZ either in November or December. Both should be very exciting and will involve casting, drinking, meditating - no not meditating, fishing and some other cool stuff that just happens spontaneously, some of which could be planned, but won't be.

Soon, maybe even later today, but don't hold your breath, next year's Mayfly edition of Snapcast will be emailed. Normally we're behind schedule on these things but this time we're ten months ahead.

In only another twelve months we'll be mailing out the Christmas 2016 issue which we're already working on. That will be a good one.

Last week was fun, I was fishing with Andy Beer up in Hervey Bay. And yesterday I was dancing with three topless girls in Noosa.

OK another plane to catch. I'm around in Essex for lessons, curry, beer, fishing and so on. Let me know if you're around!

Cheers, Paul

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