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Ronan's report

Saturday January 26th, 2008

So I've been pretty busy as you can see. Last week I was on holiday - offline and skiing! - for five days and have been catching up this week. I'm still behind on a few things but less that usual. No Big fish, not unless you consider Babus a big fish, but then that would be the women out of the headline.

There are however many big fish in the Revolution, which I've almost finished. I know that will surprise the hell out of you, especially since the editing and the shooting has been maybe two years apart from each other, but it's like that when you're as busy as I am (and when your cameras implode). I actually think it's pretty good - the film - and it's certainly better than the others. Hey we're not a Rock Group - like the Dead Caddises - or the Pyramids, we don't throw all our inspiration into our first production, and then go downhill from there on in - no we learn how to do it as we're doing it.

The interesting thing about this learning curve is that what I've really been trying to achieve - confidence on camera, understanding what does and doesn't work, experimenting with ideas - because let's face it, I want to do this for real - has led to the possibility of actually doing it for real. Not to say that the Revolution isn't real. Of course it's real, in fact it may be more real than anything I do from now on. The Revolution may in fact be the pineapple of realness.

Skiing is fun, I'll be doing it some more. It could be more fun, maybe with the addition of flyrods but even without flyrods you'll love it. And it's not cold, in fact I can't remember ever sweating so much - next time I'll wear waders. I crashed many times, including once spectacularly, and then I changed my skis on the last day and although I wasn't skiing like an Austrian, I wasn't skiing like a cow either. I think Atomic may be the [fill_in_the_blank] of ski manufacturers.

Last few preparations for me and then I'm off to NZ to camp out with Ronan and Tonio, film some Manshit flyfishing, get drunk with Deano, catch up with a bunch of my best friends, race the Coast to Coast with co-pilot Chris and meet my new truck: The Grey Warrior [I hope it's still Grey, and not pink, Deano].

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