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Ronan's report

Wednesday 5th January, 2011

Matts got the lurgy today which puts me back on Strike. So it's a quick and very exciting FP. I've just booked my flight to Australia today - finally - and arrive on the 23rd. Christ it will soon be summer! Gives me a couple of weeks for preparations, I've been running and training but no time on the bike (it's too bloody cold!).

Looking forward to catching up with my many friends there, fishing, getting SLTV up and on the go again and drinking ten litres of water per day.

Over on the Board there are discussions on the Blackout in Hungary, Campfire Mancooking, Should I invest in an expensive flyline? (Yes), Core Definitions, Casting a Shooting Head and of course The Great Scottish and Australian Gathering.

Sorry nothing very much more exciting from me today, however I am working on the fly index.

Cheers, Paul

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