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Ronan's report

Thursday August 19th, 2010

Davy's page was supposed to be today and Harps on Tuesday, of course. Harps is fishing in the UK, not sure where Davy's fishing! Last night I finally edited SLTV 16, and uploaded it to youtube but to the wrong channel, so I'm busy uploading it again, and this time to the right bloody channel!!

This takes 2.5 hrs to do using my connection, as soon as it's live I'll post it on SexyloopsTV - probably about 15.30-16.00 or you could just subscribe:

It's been great fun editing these - actually I'd forgotten just how much fun (it had become a bit of a chore at the end of five months to be honest) but now I've had a break I'm ready to roll again. We've shot a fair bit of footage for a couple more shows and then I can start producing some Hungarian flyfishing SLTV.

This week's show is Corroborree - fishing with mosquitoes and crocodiles, and a few other good friends, for saratoga and barramundi. Saratoga are not only beautiful fish, but fight like hell!

Cheers, Paul

Pic Of Day
a fantastic saratoga pod from Morsie

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