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Ronan's report

Monday 11th February, 2013

Paul is drunk. I am taking over his computer which he accidentally left it on his landlord's desk.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, it's the year of Snake now. Paul is very excited. He believes that he'll catch many snakeheads this year and he will impress many Asian chicks with his one-eyed snake.

I think Paul is more religious than he thinks. He is bald. Buddhist monks are bald. He is vegetarian. Buddhist monks are vegetarian. He has issue with the concept of a single god. Buddhist monks believe in the wheel of life and eternal enlightenment. A lot of similarities there.

But at the moment he is in the wrong country. Malaysia is a Muslim dominant country. Thailand however is a Buddhist dominant country. So I think we will see more of Paul's adventures in Thailand in near future. They may not only about religion but simply about snakeheads and snake.

Now, what would Paul do in the year of rat and monkey?

Mr T.

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