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Ronan's report

Tuesday 16 July, 2013

This past spring has been a wet one... heavy rains on saturated soils. I'm sure many of you have seen the news about the flooding here in Canada; Rain in the rockies causing flooding on the continental divide, flooding downstream washing out homes and bridges in Canmore, washed out bridges, roads, through Calgary, and washed out everything in the town of High River. In fact, a good portion of High River is still underwater right now.

Currently, the flood waters are receding, but remain higher and dirtier than normal. The fishing may be a little more difficult but the fish are still eating. The fish are used to these events and move to slower water shallow areas and to cover on the bottom. In fact, over the past couple of weeks there was an effort to rescue fish that were stranded in many of the man-made depressions in the floodplains where they couldn't go with the flow back to the river.

There is always talk about the negative aspects, but flooding is critical for the health of our river ecosystems. It cleans gravels and scours new pools. Floods create new undercuts and drop trees into rivers which provide important cover. Floods also soak adjacent meadows and deposit sediment which provides an excellent substrate for new plants.

So look at floods as a new chance to explore and know that the river needs it to find its form.

Exploring new channels,

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