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Ronan's report

Wednesday 20 November, 2013

10 years ago a very good friend of mine said to me: "Becoming a professional fly fisherman will make it (the fishing) less fun!" At that time he really made me think for a while.

Well, today I have to tell him to have been wrong as he could have been wrong. Starting to become a professional fly fisherman was not only the best decision of my life. For me it made fly fishing becoming better and better every day afterwards.

There wasn't a single day within the past 8 years (that I have been working as a professional fly fisherman now) I would have wanted to change in any way. Yes, sometimes it can be tough to have 6 or more students around all day long. This is especially when having several fly fishing trips in a row, on which I live (and teach) fly fishing all around the clock day by day. But still every day is fantastic. I can't think of anything better for me!

Of course, the more I fish (and teach), the better I get. And that is exactly what makes it more and more fun. Success is fun, isn't it?

Also it's fair to summarize: The more I fish, the more I start to understand, what I always was missing in my former job life: Freedom!

Today I am doing what I was made to do. And I have a feeling I am going to do it even better tomorrow! My heart really feels to be free.

During the past week I again had a hell of a time sharing lots of fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying all day (and night) long. You may find a few pics in the pic of the day section. Fair to say: Paul missed a shit load of fish due to sitting in Latohegy trying to fill his (still empty) fly boxes.

Hopefully all of you had a great time, whereever you may have been, too.

All my best


p.s.: I know Paul is following all my pictures having a hard time not being here! ;)

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