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Ronan's report

Wednesday 29nd August, 2007

Yesterday Magnus brought up an interesting topic, so lets run with it.

Does the technical jargon and rhetoric used by fly anglers and casters confuse, frustrate, and alienate some people? I think it does. I also think that $600 rods, space aged disc drags, and 301 different choices for a taper on a WF-5-F line do too. WFT? This is just fishing right? Sort of. For some people, myself included, fly fishing is more than just fishing.

But that's what's so great about this whole pastime/pursuit/sport. Fly fishing can be enjoyed at many different levels - from casual, occasional, and beginner to all the other advanced levels of mastery, lunacy, technology, and vocabulary. And, I think we need to embrace that fact. Fly fishing can be fun for more people if it is put in the right context.

So, as ambassadors and instructors of fly fishing (note I didn't say role models) we need to remember that not everyone will be seeking to devote 100% of their time, money, and vocabulary to fly fishing. Some will, and they will be welcomed. What is even more important is that we accept, embrace, and support the more casual anglers as well - those that don't and won't ever care about the advanced jargon, but enjoy catching a few trout just the same. They have as much right to be here as we do.

I think we do a pretty good job of making fly fishing accessible to everyone here at Sexyloops. Sure, we can all improve, but that's what Sexyloops is all about. The Beginners Forum is a great place to get unpretentious answers to all your basic angling questions. When asked to do so, the instructors and experienced Sexyloopers are always willing to offer up sound advice, in basic, understandable language, to newcomers to the fly fishing game. But often the topics on the Beginners Forum quickly morph into jargon filled threads. We should be better about making sure that the topics are covered thoroughly, and in layman’s terms, before that happens. If you don't understand a post, feel free to speak up. Hell, I don't even know what they are talking about half of the time.

And for God’s sake, if you have some really complex topic on your mind, take it to one of the other forums and have a ball!

Until next time,


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