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Ronan's report

Friday 12th September, 2014

Fishermen will always be fishermen. Whether they are busy or not they will find excuses to fish. During busy time, their brains work over time looking for excuses - to get away from the madness of work, so they say. When they have bugger all to do they will also find excuses to get away from the boredom. The end result is still the same - fishing. I don't know what to call it - pure honesty perhaps?

Honesty comes in various guises I suppose. The line dividing it with dishonesty is at best blurred too when comes to fishing. For example, I don't like fishing farmed raised fish, as I had enough of them in my younger days. Although I am not on the look out to fishing in one, I couldn't say no to a bunch of mates asking me to fish with them some acres and acres of brackish water ponds - more like a mini impoundment - built to receive and relieve tidal sea water. I have been there before, I know most of the fish were stocked some years ago, so they are still stocked fish but they have grown big. In British still water scene it is called "overwintered" fish. Now then, that's a good term - could be a politically correct one for me! My heart flutters uncontrollably. One side of my heart says they are still stocked fish, the other side says - don't be a plonker, they have gone wild - they have grown big. Big! How big? 10 to 20 kilos says a mate. Well, they have truly overwintered many years over, son. On top of that, they are also the trapped wild milkfish, some could be close to a double figure in weight. They need to be transferred out of the ponds, I need to help my mates. Now I have the perfect fisherman's excuse to fish. I am going on the wild milkfish transfer mission but if I see a big barramundi somewhere, I would try a big deceiver just to test if they are as sissy as when they were small. And it's not my fault that they have grown stronger, bigger and wilder. It's God's fault. I am a fly fisherman so I am just being honest.

On the subject of honesty, have you heard the story of an Irish Priest and a Rabbi? They share a cabin in a train and the priest opened a conversation by asking, "I know that in your religion you are not supposed to eat pork but have you actually tasted it?" The Rabbi said, "I must be honest, yes I have on the odd occasions" The Rabbi then asked the Irish Priest, "In your religion too I know you are supposed to be celibate, but.." The Priest cut him off, "...I know what you are going to ask. Yes, I have been consumed by lust once or twice..." Then, after a minute of silence the Rabbi lowered the newspaper he was reading and in a slow-mo fashion he said, ".. better than pork, isn't it?"

I am off to Indonesia this weekend!

Lovely Jubbly
Irhamy the Guv'nor, Kuala Lumpur

Fishing is hard work!

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