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Ronan's report

Saturday August 18th, 2007

The park has been my playground this week and everyone else's. Football season is starting over here so one end of the park is packed with a team of boys in helmets and what looks like enough pads to leap off a steaming locomotive. The other end is packed with a team of girls with pompoms doing their best to attract everyone's attention. I've been stuck conspicuously in the middle casting solo with a fly rod. Men are shouting at the boys who scream back trying to charge and channel their adrenaline. Women are shouting at the girls who are trying to shout their cheers back in unison. The coaching is just as far from the team/solo dichotomy of sports. Make me think back to the debate we had about casting as a sport or ... something else.

Working on casting in the wind by necessity (when isn't it), I notice Paul says "Don't forget to drift." (note: that article was written before we started to believe in intentional narrowing "creep", inward drift which reduces the length of the stroke). Casting either into or with the wind, I like to think "Drift the tip downwind" on each stroke. By drifting downwind on the downwind stroke you'll narrow the arc, while on the upwind stroke you'll widen the arc. I'm sure it will all work itself out after that.

Luckily, I've also discovered a timing fault of mine (starting a little too late). I'm guessing this developed as a bandaid to stop tailing loops due to poor power application (mostly way too much of it). Now if I can just get someone to say "shoot the panties through the guides!" to distract my brain during the delivery cast, I'll be in business or at least selling lemonade on the corner.


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