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Ronan's report

Thursday 02 January, 2014

On Wednesday 31 Decemeber 2013 me and Mari-san went sleeping at ten p.m.! No alcohol, no fireworks, just sleeping after having shared a fine dinner though.

We (actually it was me) decided: No party this year, but early morning fishing January 01, 2014! I thought it to be a great idea (best party I can have anyway) to fish in that day (especially the morning), in which almost no one else usually goes fishing.

Again I was spot-on: SILENCE all over!

Well, besides a serious firework at the end of our lines that was!

Mari-san hooked up with a huge pike after a few casts. I didn't have the slightest doubt this fish to be over 1 meter in length just by the way how it was pulling the line of her reel. Fantastic: After 10 minutes she could land a 104cm pike. Well done, Mari-san! That can be called a serious great pike, well worth the long trip from Tokio. Our day was perfect!

Then I thought, that for some reason fairly often I am pretty lucky with the biggest fish of the day. It was just... I could hardly believe to hook up with an even bigger pike this time. Having just thought that, I got one of my strongest takes in pike fishing ever. Within a second I knew this fish truly was bigger! The fish then ran >30 meter of line thru my fingers, which in pike fishing very rarely happens. Definetly not on my 10wt. rod.

To keep this short: We both landed a fantastic first fish in 2014 and shared an unfogettable day. No reason to tell: We stopped fishing after the second fish and went home early. YES I went home before darkness! Simply the day could not have gone any better!!!

"Live in the dream" is all I can think about!

Year 2014 is safe!

Hopefully all of you had such a great start either!

All my best


p.s.: Sorry for overtaking the Thursday fp today, but I needed to share this day! ;)

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