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Ronan's report

Wednesday 27 August, 2014

Marina and I have been fishing stillwater for Char (and Rainbow trout). Chars often (not always) can be pretty tough to catch here. They seem to become selective faster than Rainbow trout due to high fishing pressure for example. Of course it's that what can make it code cracking again!

Having said that I indeed fished for a specific char (sight fishing) for about 3 hours before I finally caught that fish on a small nymph. Of course I tried a lot of nymphs as well as a lot of presentation techniques with nymphs, dries and streamers as well. Similiar to fishing for Sea trout it was the very fast moving fly, which worked best for me. Again it seems as if that fly, which they hardly can see (small and fast moving) works best!

Rainbow trout often are pretty active (agressive takes) on dries while Char often seem almost impossible to fool on dries. Well, those educated ones in stillwater that is. Anyway Marina and I had a lot of fun sight fishing here!

We also went fishing for Pike perch and Asp in the river Elbe (huge German river) together with our friend Florian. Our mission was to catch a first (ever) Pike perch (on fly) for Florian and a 10+ pounder for me. :) Marina was fishing for Asp though. As usual Florian proved to be the best fly fisherman in his age that I have ever been fishing with! He managed to catch several pike perch immediately. While I was fishing a large bunny fly without success, Flo was presenting a medium sized Clouser minnow. The Asp didn't really want to show up this time.

In the end we had another great day (happy young man included ;) ) and the 10+ pounder for me still has to be taken in another day though as has Marina's first Asp!

Inbetween Marina and I have been training casting all week long. Inspired by Stesiik (Stefan Siikavara) and his girl friend Anna Karin Wiklund, who managed to hit 36m in trout distance in the world championship in Norway two weeks ago, Marina managed to hit 26-27m (consistantly) using a 6wt. Barrio SLX. That may not sound much, but for a total beginner that is serious proper casting for sure! She kept me smiling (inside and secretly! ;) ) all the time. Sure we also trained the whole range of casts from Spey casting to accuracy as well!

Saturday now (for about two weeks) Alex and I will be going to a small Danish island in the Baltic sea teaching to fly fish for Sea trout and mullet. Really looking forward to that. Also we will be having an expert in filming with us in order to learn more about filming and especially editing! There will be lots of stuff coming up during the next years. I am really looking forward to this!

All in all pretty much going on for us these days!

I really was hoping to make it to the Sexyloops meeting at Paul's place, but it happens that I still will be in Denmark at least on Saturday. Will give you a visit afterwards, Paul!

I wish all of you great fishing and lots of fun for the rest of the week!

All my best


p.s.: Excellent fly casting, mate (Paul in the Trout Distance final WC2014)!!!

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