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Ronan's report

Wednesday November 15th, 2006
Versión en español

In the the CNL we're already preparing the next course.
It'll be in March 07 and there will be new and very attractive presentations:

- Imitating styles (Krieger, Wulff, Kreh…)
- Casting the fly gently 23 meters away from us
- Mending, line handling and line control
- Error progression and evolution in the life of a fly-caster

That's exactly what we're preparing. A good presentation takes a lot of time of rehearsal and practice. Otherwise it can happen what happened to me in the last course in Atapuerca.
I had prepared all the casts pretty well. All except one. I had not performed an upside-down loop since the end of the season in August and there was no way I managed to get a decent one. Back at home I punished myself with three hours of upside-down loops. Now I am an expert. As long as I keep practicing it every week.

That is one of the cruellest aspects of fly-casting training. If you focus on some aspects too much you neglect others. If you want to be a real expert on presentation casts you have to leave long casts aside for a while. If you want to cast far you will have to forget at least for some time, everything else. It's complicated and arduous to be always ready with all the technical varieties and possibilities of this incredible hobby. But it's great fun.

This article is about fly-casting [it's also in Spanish!]


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