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Ronan's report

Thursday 31st July, 2008

Yeah, it was nice. Nice to see bunch of my old friends alive and kicking, nice to see the Rivers from my youth, nice to see one million or so amazingly gorgeous Serbian/Bosnian Sheepgirls everywhere around.

And yes, we caught couple of nice fish (OK, more than couple) even water levels were too low, because of African Summer and temperatures above 35*C degrees… And they asked me about Africa climate, thinking here is a hell ??? I didn't tell them, here in SA, in Joburg precisely, we have the best climate on the entire World. Currently it is about 0* C degrees by night, and 15*-20* C during a day, beautiful smooth Sun, no wind, clear sky ,fresh air.

Funny, the weather was not the only thing I've missed on my lovely Balkan. The fish character was the main thing. Once you are addicted to mighty Yellowfish, no any Trout on this World can pump your adrenaline on the same way, not in a million years. I've never thought I could or I'll say something like that, but you can see, I did it. No fish but Yellowfish, if we are speaking about #5 weight freshwater fishing.

Influence of Sexyloops and Sexyloops FF casting are surprisingly very high in society of my fellows ffmans. Lots of guys learn to cast very good, I simply can't recognize them. They understand physics and need of practicing a cast.

A big welcome and Serbian full house (including first class seals fur ) gathering was prepared for Paul , but unfortunately he wasn't able to make it. They were so excited waiting to see Paul in action, practicing their best casting, preparing a zillion of questions for Fly Casting Guru.

It was very interesting to see how Paul might fish River Drina, the heaviest #5 dry fly fishing on the Balkan - fast water up to the chest, and every cast must be longer than 25-27 meters, with some drag free presentation, if one wants to catch some +50 cm Grayling…

Anyway, we will do that next time, sorry guys.

So, that was it. And I am still wondering where do I belong. To Europe, to Serbia, to Bosnia or South Africa and to clear Sterkfontain Lake. To Trout or to Yellowfish. I don't know, but for sure I know and I will do that: I'll send my Son to take university study at Belgrade. Just because of good people, crazy parties everywhere, mixture of nationalities, music styles and cultures, and as the most important - million of amazingly, surprisingly gorgeous Sheepgirls……
And just because he is not so old as his father, who's staying here in SA to take advantage of Yellowfishing……. Maybe I'll become a really Fly Fisherman, now when my Son is ready for life, and when I know the difference between Trout, Yellowfish and Sheepgirls. For my Son, there is still lots of time to become a really Fly Fisherman.


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