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Ronan's report

Saturday September 15th 2013

My Scotland trip is coming up, in fact I leave on Tuesday - and I haven't tied a single fly yet. Of course, I do have some, but I really need to get some tied up. Today is probably my only chance to get a good number tied.

And of course, after 5 seasons of use (probably 400 trips or something), from one fishing trip to the other, my waders leaked on the right leg (some where around the knee). Add to that the fact that the tape on both neoprene feet is all gone, and I decided that it wasn't worth it to patch them up - if I only risked the feet falling apart in Scotland. So I ordered a new pair. I'll probably send the old ones in for a repair - new neoprene feet and a patch or 34 - then I have a back up pair.

Rods, reels and lines are all ready and I hope that I for once will be able to enjoy some topwater salon fishing. The go to lines here in Denmark are type 3-4-5 sinkers, and it's just more fun to fish and cast floaters and intermediates.

It's not really raining in Scotland - in fact, it's not raining in Scotland at all, and haven't done so in a very long time. From what I've read and heard, the water levels are close to catastrophic. I saw one picture from the Dee, where the water level gauge was on dry land... But, if we're luck Scotland will see a little rain from now on and the next few days, and then we can end up with a very nice run of salmon to fish on. We'll see - as Michael, my fishing pal says, it's dark early this time of year, and then we can hit the pubs :-).

I've been looking forward to this trip a long time. I've been so damned busy at work this past month or so, that I haven't had time to prepare at all - until today. So right now, I wouldn't mind having a few extra days before departure, but hey - it's all about to happen, as Paul says :-).

Have a nice weekend!


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