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Ronan's report

Friday 19th February, 2010

I got some !

Here is the first one, I was fishing the long run you see in the POD first picture, with a soon to be world renown fly tyer named Andrew Burla, it is a long run that starts just down stream of the downed poplar tree, you cast to the back side of it and walk and drift for about 25 ft down stream then walk back up and try again, you can walk this drift because you are on the ice shelf and on my third drift, the indicator went down and I set the hook, well !! up came a very nice rainbow, fat and colorful, down it went with a splash, up it came again!

I have not had that happen all winter, no jumpers, this was going to be epic, up it came again and then down then the bow headed up stream to the poplar tree root ball, I had to put some side pressure on this monster!!!! He started to come back my way to the ice shelf, man he’s coming back easy must have wore him out!!!!

By this time Andrew was ready for a couple of pictures and then I said “what the bloody hell” and Andrew started laughing, rather loudly for some who is soon to be world renown in fly tying.

I was stripping not a fat colourful rainbow, but a small Rocky Mountain White Fish by the tail!!!!!!! I had to lay on the ice with Thor my Golden retriever stepping all over me and Fischer my German Shepherd dropping sticks on my head and release not my best Bow of the winter fishing season but a small RMWF WTF!…as Andrew was laughing he quipped that “the rainbow did a lateral pass to the White fish”, it was Saturday before Superbowl!!

Another piece of tail

Friday I was fishing with Grainboy, and of the six or so fish caught all day only one was by the lip, and that was a RMWF, pictured in POD # two is the RMWF resting before doing it’s bone fish imitation and zipping off to the bottom of the pool..

My last piece of tail

Four married guys go Fly fishing. After an hour, the following conversation took place. First guy: " You have no idea what I had to do to be able to come out Fly fishing this weekend. I had to promise my wife that I will paint every room in the house next weekend." Second guy: " that's nothing, I had to promise my wife that I will build her a new deck for the pool." Third guy: " Man, you both have it easy! I had to promise my wife that I will remodel the kitchen for her." They continue to Fly fish when they realized that the fourth guy has not said a word. So they asked him. You haven't said anything about what you had to do to be able to come Fly fishing this weekend. "What's the deal?" Fourth guy: " I just set my alarm for 5:30 am. When it went off, I shut off my alarm, gave the wife a nudge and said, "Fly Fishing or Sex" and she said, " Wear a Sweater."

Ray Flyfishfairwx remember - Egos and ignorance are a trouts two worst enemies on the river

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