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Ronan's report

Saturday November 4th, 2006

Yeah we're all addicted to curves (that link's for you Bob), but what about when you want that curve to be in your line? There are 2 spots I always want to send a hook, that steep eroded bank with its thin seam and that pocket water on the far side of the main current. They also thrill and amaze the crowd.

Luckily curves are pretty easy. Just get a little screwed up... errr screw up a little and see what happens. Despite Carlos's efforts to keep us in line, a lot of us stay that way. I guess there is a little trick in knowing which way it's all going to go and keeping it all from turning into crap, but luckily there's a tip or two nestled here in the dark corners.

Positive and negative curve (over-powered and under-powered), traveling curve (sending a sideways snap down the line), an L cast, some funky wrist tricks, this other right turn thing, this crooked left thing, short range snappy thing, the infamous Parabackshoot Roll Cast, and that's not even all of them. In case you were wondering, they're real and they're magnificent.

If you didn't get all that the first time, sacraficing a virgin rod to presentation god Carlos might help. the board is also there to help straighten it all out for you. Jason Borger has put a kink in things with a spiral hook cast. Off the roll, or even on speys and switches.

It'll give you something to think about next time you're on that big grassy field, take advantage of those fall leaves and get around em. You could pretend their landmines, but that's not so fun is it. So far we've raised over $2800 bucks with the charity auction to help clear mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina! plus there are still tons of great loot to go! Thanks to everyone who's donated items!! And all the bidders too! Got something? Need something? Check it out!


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