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Ronan's report

Tuesday 25th February, 2014

Just filling in for Harps today! Just back from Snakeheading, after a very tough day. It was windy. Wind is no good for Snakehead. The behave like the reverse of Mel Krieger's double haul teaching.. i.e. updown, when in fact what you really want is up-and-down, which is hard enough as it is. Anyway I did have a follow after all of that, and quite a nice fish too, double figures certainly. And that was it. Although I did try a different tactic of roping up to trees whenever I saw a fish rise and allowing it to come up again (and sometimes again and again) but it's so incredibly tough to hit these fish.

Disappointingly one of my two Snakehead areas from last year doesn't appear to have any Snakehead at all. Maybe circumstances have changed otherwise they've been fished out - there is a lot of netting on this lake... and no size limits!

So the plan is to try some other areas of the lake further south and if this doesn't produce the goods I'll switch lakes. But this plan now is to visit the Tampara Bar, which is the only pub within 50km, where I shall beat Raju the barman at pool. I owe him a crate from last time, and if I don't win it back then I will at least him him drink it :-)

Have a great day! Oh and today's POD is what can go wrong on the Belum-Gerik Hill.

Cheers, Paul

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