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Ronan's report

Friday May 9th, 2008

OK, that headline's not for you, but I'll get to that later.

Zman is out today. He's just back from a long road trip and promises to be back next week with tales of high adventure!

Paul and Daniel launched servicing the UK yesterday which is pretty cool. It's good to know that waders are currently the most popular product and not Paul's socks. Those things turn up where you least expect them, but at least there's a cure. If only we had all known sooner.

Matt's giving out advice on sink tips but has been playing coy and taken it covert. Oh come on Matt! I know what river he's talking about, and I've never even been there! Spill it! not the river, your method for sinktips in slower water

Lars is back, has been fishing like mad, and reminds us of the little secret. Magnus wants to know why they're sticking it to the elderly and disabled anglers in Scotland. Bob, always on target, is figuring it all out and pushing his acronym flies. I'm just getting anxious about an upcoming trip. Recent expeditions have been less than fruitful, but I haven't been putting miles under wheels lately. Yep, being cheap and saving up for a more efficient vehicle. I think Janman's working on some miracle germ that turns woodchips and pine needles into gas. If he asks any questions on the board, tell him to get back to work! We've got fishing to do!

Cheers, Eric

p.s. I'm sending out a "Screw You!" to the rat bastard spammer using my loops email as his return address....

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